Lipstick Slave


by Cindy V.


Two pretty office workers convince their boss that it is in his best career interest to let them dress him as a girl and be their feminized sex slave. They train him to get erect at the sight of a girl putting on lipstick, and they make him beg to wear lipstick too. Forced dildo sucking, penis bondage, and a trip to the mall dressed as a girl where he meets some more pretty office workers are part of his ordeal.

Chapter One: I Begged Them to Put Lipstick on Me


"Please, Sharon. I really need you to enter those numbers into the computer by two o'clock."

As usual she was taking her own sweet time. I'm a senior accountant in a large company. Sharon is one of the clerks. Her job is to input data and do little calculations which are too tedious for me or for one of my junior accountants.

"Ken, don't get on my case," she sneered back at me. Sharon was bossy but cute. Long dark hair that she somehow got to stand straight up. A little heavy on the make-up for office wear, but not uncommon for someone who I guessed was about 25. Tight short dresses. It was hard not to admire her body, especially her ass which was a little too big. Too bad she had such small breasts.

"Come on, Sharon. I need those numbers for my meeting this afternoon."

Sharon looked over at Debbie, the secretary. While Sharon was cute, Debbie was definitely sexy. Debbie had long straight blonde hair. She was not particularly curvy, but she knew how to dress to accentuate herself. She wore dresses that made her waist seem smaller and her hips seem bigger. She showed a tiny bit of cleavage, just enough to make you curious. Debbie would purposely lean over a tiny bit when she put your mail on your desk, just to see your eyes glance at her breasts. Then as she turned around and walked back to her desk with that wiggle of hers, she knew you were ogling her. Other than flaunting her sexuality at e, Debbie was quiet and almost shy.

Debbie replied back to Sharon. "Ken's always hassling me to type his reports, too. He thinks we have nothing to do all day but do his work."

The two of them drove me nuts. They were two low paid workers, a clerk and a secretary, with no respect for me and my position. But I really needed some extra effort out of them at times, and it was always like pulling teeth.

I walked over to Sharon's desk. "O.K. Sharon. What do I have to say to get you to please hurry up with my work?"

Sharon looked at me for a good long time. Her elaborately made-up eyes seemed to look right through me. She boldly looked me up and down as if she was surveying a potential boyfriend. Finally a small smile appeared on her glossy lips. She glanced over at Debbie and gave her a wink.

"Well, Ken, I don't care what you SAY. But if you really want me to bust my ass for you, what will you DO for me?"

"Sharon, I'll do anything," I quickly replied. I assumed she wanted to be taken to an expensive restaurant for lunch, something I could easily do at the company's expense.

Sharon gave me a wide-eyed look, not believing what I had just promised her. "Ken, here's the deal. I'll finish your numbers by two o'clock. But then you owe me. Be at my place at eight tonight. Then I'll decide what I want from you in return. Oh, by the way - shave real close." Then she laughed, an arrogant laugh that made me wonder what I had gotten myself into. "Debbie, you're invited too."

"Thanks, Sharon, I'll be there," I replied.

That evening I wore an old shirt and jeans. I figured she had some sort of work around the house for me to do. Maybe a room she wanted me to paint. I couldn't understand why I was supposed to shave closely, but there were a lot of things about Sharon that I didn't understand. Such as why someone as cute and perky as she is never had a steady boyfriend. I knocked on her door exactly at eight.

"Come on in, Ken," she greeted me. Then she kissed me fully on the lips, which took me by surprise. "Debbie, come over and give Ken a kiss." Debbie gave me a quick kiss on the lips.

Whatever was going on, Sharon seemed to be running the show while Debbie was sort of the


The girls were dressed to kill. Sharon had a print mini-dress that as usual was a little too tight around her ass. Debbie had a lacy blouse with a plunging neckline. I could see the faint outline of her nipples, so apparently she was not wearing a bra. Debbie also wore a tight leather miniskirt. For some reason neither one wore stockings or shoes. Also, this was the first time I had seen either of them without make-up.

There were all sorts of make-up on the coffee table. Sharon saw me looking at them so she said, "Debbie and I were about to make each other up. It is very sensuous to have someone put make-up on you." Then both girls giggled knowingly. I nervously said nothing. The girls looked at me quietly for a long time.

Sharon broke the silence. "Ken, at work today you said you would do anything if I finished your numbers by two. Now it's time for you to keep your promise. Remember, you initiated this promise, not me. It's very simple. Tonight you will do exactly what Debbie or I tell you to do. If you don't, then don't expect us to ever rush to get your work done again."

Before I had a chance for these words to sink in, Sharon followed with, "Take off all your clothes, right now." She said this in a way that meant business. This was getting exciting. Besides, having a way for them to do some work for me when I needed it would really help my career. So I took my clothes off.

I stood there shamelessly naked in front of these two sexy girls. Sharon said, "Don't move," and she started exploring my body. She ran her hands over my chest and stomach to see how hard they were. She felt my thighs and legs. She gently touched my nipples, as I winced at her intimateness. "Debbie, check out his nipples." Now both of them were feeling me up. They patted my ass. They gently examined my balls and penis for an instant, but they did not try to excite me. I was breathless, waiting for what would happen next.

Sharon then stood inches away from me and looked me right in the eye. I thought she was waiting to be kissed, so I grabbed her and kissed her hard, thrusting my tongue in her mouth. She quickly pulled away and had a fiery look about her. She slapped me hard in the face.

"Who told you to do that?" she screamed at me. She slapped me again. "You are here to do what we tell you to, nothing more. You will be punished for this."

Debbie had not said anything yet. She spoke up. "Wait, Sharon. Let's see what he's got. Ken, start jerking yourself off, but don't come." When I hesitated, Debbie, in some new found courage, sharply said, "Now!"

The girls backed up and sat down on the couch to watch me. I was entranced with how sexy they had become as they took control of me. I took my right hand and started stroking my penis. Sharon pressed what looked like a remote control button, but I didn't see a television go on.

Debbie was really getting into taking charge. "While you're at it Ken, play with your nipples with the other hand. That's it. Look Sharon, he really gets off having women dominate him."

The girls were licking their lips suggestively, turning me on even more. I was humiliated letting these two girls do this to me, but I couldn't stop. I wasn't too far away from coming, when suddenly Sharon yelled at me "Stop." Then to Debbie she said, "I've seen enough now, haven't you? Let's try something else."

My face had been red from being slapped, and now it was red from the embarrassment of it all and from pumping away without coming. Sharon got up off the couch, pulled my right hand off my penis, and started tying a nylon stocking around my wrist. She pulled me over to a big bookcase, and she tied the other end of the stocking to the bookcase. Then Debbie tied my other wrist with a stocking to the doorknob on a door. I pulled but I could not get loose.

"I want to see how big his cock is before it gets soft," Sharon said. She went over to the bookcase and found a wooden ruler and a tape measure. She calmly picked up my penis and laid it down on the ruler. I could not see what she was doing, but she announced to Debbie, "Six inches." With unmistakable sarcasm she looked at me and asked, "Is that the best you can do?" I had never measured myself, but I had always thought I was bigger than that. However, I said nothing.

Sharon gave Debbie a pen and some paper and told her to copy down some numbers. Sharon then measured my chest, my waist, my hips, the length from my waist to halfway down my thigh, my legs, and my foot. I had no idea what she was up to. Debbie was busy copying down the measurements.

Sharon reported to me, "You're a little big in some places, but we can work on that. You'll do, though." Sharon and Debbie giggled, being very pleased with themselves.

Then the girls went back to the couch, ignoring me and the fact that I was all tied up. They started applying make-up to each other. I had never really watched a full make-up job before, and although I was stuck with nothing else to do, I must admit there is something fascinating about it. Sharon spent a lot of time on Debbie's eyes, lengthening her eyelashes with several coats of mascara, carefully drawing a line under her eyes, and blending three different colors of blue eyeshadow. She did Debbie's cheeks with a big brush, and finished her off with a deep red lipstick. Debbie, who did not wear such colorful and dramatic make-up in the office, looked sexier than ever.

"Doesn't this look like fun, Ken?" Sharon asked me in a teasing tone. Debbie then turned her attentions on Sharon. Although Debbie was not quite as heavy-handed with making up Sharon, Debbie was quite an artist herself, using more subdued shades of brown and green on Sharon's dark coloring. The final touch was lipstick in a hot pink. Sharon looked devastating.

The girls whispered something to each other and then came towards me. Debbie held something in her hand behind her back, but I couldn't see what. The girls decided to tease me. They gently brushed their beautifully painted lips just barely to mine, but they would withdraw before I could kiss them. Debbie stuck out her chest and brushed her breasts past my cheek. I strained at my stockinged bonds as they lightly touched my sensitive nipples. They were turning me on, and my face started to get red.

Debbie looked at my erect nipples and said, "Sharon, look how big and hard his nipples are getting. I think he needs a bra!" And with that as I looked on helplessly she took a black lace bra that she was holding behind her back, and she put it on me. The straps were tight, pinching my chest. The bra must have been padded, because the cups stood way out. I looked at them with red-faced embarrassment.

The girls were hysterical with laughter. "I think a black bra looks good on you, Ken," teased Sharon. "Debbie, how about the rest of his outfit?"

Debbie pulled out several more black lacy items. A black garter belt and black lace panties. They took turns rolling black nylon stockings up my legs. Oh, that felt good! They attached the stockings to the garter belt. Finally a pair of high heeled shoes. I felt ridiculous, but everything was happening so quickly, it seemed pointless to object.

"Ken, this outfit is really you," Sharon teased me. "You look so cute!" Turning to Debbie, she asked, "Should we make him up now?"

Debbie replied, "No, I have a better idea. Let's untie him and let him practice walking in his new outfit." So the girls untied me, sat back down on the couch, and commanded me to walk for them. At first I could not walk at all in the high heels, but eventually I got the hang of it. The high heels seemed huge, and they created a strange pressure on my calf muscles. The girls whistled and jeered me. Sharon yelled, "Wiggle your hips, honey, the way you like Debbie to do."

The high heels forced me to take tiny steps and to wiggle my hips shamelessly, but I could not wiggle to their liking. Sharon had an idea. "Ken, come here. Lay across my lap. Do you remember I promised that I would punish you for trying to kiss me without permission? I think I have a punishment for you."

By now I was so far under their command, it never occurred to me to resist. So I laid across Sharon's lap. Sharon pulled down my panties, picked up the wooden ruler that she had used to measure my penis, and started whacking my bare ass with the ruler. The ruler stung and I screamed, but she kept at it, first my left ass cheek and then the right. Although it hurt like hell, I did discover that I had a view right up Sharon's dress.

This last fact did not escape Debbie. "Sharon, the little pervert is looking right up your dress," she warned. Upon hearing this, Sharon started spanking me with renewed vigor. After a few minutes of this, with the girls ignoring my screams and pleas to stop, Sharon made an observation on the condition of my poor ass. "Deb, come here and see how red is ass cheeks are. Would you like to take over for me for a while?"

Debbie declined, thank goodness. However, she said, "I think he's had enough spanking. Ken, pull your panties back up, and let's see if your spanking has given you a more feminine walk." At this point my ass was on fire, but I pulled the panties back up as she said. I then noticed that the spanking had aroused me, and I had another erection. This made it harder to put the panties back on, a fact that sent the girls into another fit of howling laughter. I tried walking again in the high heels, and the burning sensation of the spanking did help give me more of an exaggerated wiggle to my hips. The girls were quite pleased with the effects of the spanking.

"Time for a change," announced Sharon suddenly. "Ken, kneel down in front of me. I want my toes sucked," she said in her usual commanding manner. I obeyed, much to their amusement. I sucked every toe on both of Sharon's feet, something I found quite humiliating. Naturally, I had to do Debbie's toes next. Now I realized hy they were both barefoot; they had planned this for me all along. There I was, in a house with two gorgeous girls, me wearing black women's underwear sporting a terrific hard-on, reduced to sucking their toes! What would they do to me next?

The girls quickly tired of this. "Ken, have you ever eaten pussy? Show me what a good pussy eater you are," commanded Sharon. She slipped out of her pale blue panties, grabbed me by the hair, and stuffed my face in her pussy. This was not my idea of fun sex, but I knew what I was doing. I licked and sucked for a long time, until finally Sharon's sensuous moaning told me she was having an orgasm. She let me stop, and before they said anything I decided to volunteer, "Debbie, should I do you too?" Of course the answer was yes, so I ate her to an orgasm too. Then they told me to go to the bathroom to wash my face. When I got back they were whispering to each other excitedly.

"Ken, you've been a pretty good slave for your first time, and I must admit you are a good pussy licker." These were Sharon's first kind words of the evening. "I think you deserve a little fun too. Would you like us to jerk you off?" I could see this was as much as I was going to get, so I agreed.

"Deb, let's freshen up each other's lipstick and then give Ken a good long kiss to show how much we appreciate him." Sharon took out the same red lipstick that she had used on Debbie before, and carefully applied it to Debbie's lips. Then Debbie took out the same hot pink lipstick that she had used on Sharon before, and she applied it to Sharon's lips. I watched with fascination. This did not escape their notice.

"You love watching us put on lipstick, don't you?," asked Debbie teasingly. "Look at my lips, Ken. Don't you love the beautiful red color, and the way they shine?" I had to admit I did. Debbie gave me a deep, long kiss, twirling her tongue with mine. This made up for the little peck she gave me when I first came in tonight.

Sharon's turn was next. "Look at my lips, Ken. I think lipstick makes my lips look rich and full. Do you think this color makes me look sexy?" Not waiting for an answer, Sharon also kissed me, not a wet one, but long and hard. Boy, these girls could kiss!

Sharon then knelt down and started to gently stroke my cock. Debbie picked up the red lipstick. She looked into my eyes as if she could look right through me. "Ken, you want to wear this lipstick, don't you?" I don't know why, but I said yes.

This was not good enough for Debbie. "Ken, how badly do you want to wear this lipstick?" With that, Sharon quickened her stroking of my cock. "Yes, I really want to wear the lipstick," I responded not too enthusiastically.

Debbie slowly unscrewed the lipstick and waved it under my nose. "Smell it, Ken. Don't you love the way it smells? Look it at. Don't you just love how red it is? Do you know what color it is, Ken?" She turned it over so I could see the label. "It's called 'Love That Red'. Beg me to put it on you, Ken." Suddenly Sharon stopped stroking me with her hand, and she put my cock in her mouth.

My desire was reaching a fever peak. All of a sudden I thought of the song "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" by Meat Loaf, where she makes him make a promise to her so that she will let him come. Now I understood; they were trading my humiliation for my orgasm. So I started to beg Debbie. "Please, please put lipstick on me."

Debbie was going to drag this out for all it was worth. "What color is it, Ken?," she asked me.

"Please put 'Love That Red' lipstick on me," I begged, as Sharon sucked away furiously.

Debbie continued to toy with me. "Say, 'Please put hot, glossy 'Love That Red' red lipstick on me to make me look pretty.'"

All of a sudden things were happening very fast. Ridiculous as it sounds, I said it. I was just about to explode in Sharon's mouth. Sharon knew this and grunted as a signal to Debbie. Debbie happily said, "O.K., Ken if that's what you really want." She started gliding the lipstick over my lips. Back and forth, upper and lower lips. Just then I came in Sharon's mouth. I had been saving it up all night, and it was a gusher.

Debbie stood back to admire her work. "Ken, you were right. This lipstick is you. You look so pretty," she said sarcastically.

I felt humiliated, but they weren't done with me. Sharon got off my cock and kissed me. I felt her lipstick mingle with mine, and the slippery sensation felt great. She had a different motive, however, as she transferred my semen to my own mouth. I had never tasted it before, and it had an odd salty taste. "Swallow it, honey," she commanded, and so I did.

The girls sat back down on the couch and started laughing at my predicament. They teased me mercilessly about how I had begged to have lipstick put on me, and how it turned me on so much that I shot my load over it. I blushed profusely.

Sharon ran into another room and came back with a Polaroid camera. "We need a souvenir of this evening," she announced, and she snapped my picture. I was wearing the black lacy underwear, except for the panties which were somewhere around my knees. My penis was still hard, and it was glistening from Sharon's pink lipstick. Of course, my lips had bright red lipstick. I could not imagine a more humiliating picture. The girls couldn't wait for the picture to develop. They gave me the picture and kept the negative for themselves.

I could not imagine being any more embarrassed than I was, but sure enough Sharon had one more thing up her sleeve. She clicked a remote control button and said to Debbie, "I can't wait to see how the video comes out." My cheeks went scarlet. This was another one of her teases, wasn't it? She couldn't have recorded this on videotape, could she? I dared not ask.

Finally, the girls decided that they had enough for one night. They told me I could take the underwear off and put my clothes back on. They each gave me a sweet kiss good-bye. I was glad to be back in my own clothes.

I was just about to leave when I remembered something. "Wait a minute. I can't go out there wearing lipstick."

"A moment ago you begged me to put lipstick on you, honey," Debbie reminded me. "You can wear it home as your reward." Sharon shoved me out and slammed the door.

Chapter Two I Begged Them to Let Me Suck A Dildo


The next morning at work the girls said hello to me as if nothing had happened. I went into my office, but I couldn't concentrate on work. After a while I stepped out of my office and I passed Debbie's desk. She chose that particular moment to reapply her lipstick. My penis stiffened as I remembered last night, and Debbie saw this out of the corner of her eye. Neither of us said anything.

Later I passed Sharon's desk. Although she was busy on the computer, she also took that moment to freshen up her lipstick. My penis grew hard at the memory of Sharon's gorgeous lips sucking my cock. I returned to my office.

Several times that day the girls put their lipstick on just as I passed their desks. Each time I could see them looking out of the corner of their eye to see if they were having an effect on me, and they were pleased that they were. Finally at the end of the day, both of them knocked at my office door and came in. Sharon spoke first.

"Ken, you must be scared shitless that we're going to embarrass you in front of your friends and tell them what happened last night. But don't worry, we won't."

I breathed a sigh of relief. Then Debbie lowered the boom. "But don't think last night is the end. We talked it over, and we decided you should come over once a week, every Wednesday night, for more training."

I was about to tell them "No way," when Sharon quickly spoke up.

"Wait a minute, Ken. This is a good deal for all of us. Deb and I get what we want. We'll do your dumb work when you need it, so you get what you want. Besides, you can't tell us you didn't enjoy last night."

Before I had a chance to even think about it, Debbie reminded me that they had another bargaining tool. "Don't forget the Polaroid picture we have, Ken. We could bring it to work." "The picture?," asked Sharon. "Are you kidding? We have a whole video of his performance!"

Now I hadn't seen any evidence of this video. Maybe they were bluffing. And as for the Polaroid negative, maybe I could find it next time and tear it up. "O.K.," I said reluctantly. "I'll be there next Wednesday."

Wednesday came, and this time they took me home right from work. Off went my clothes. They gave me a bottle of hair remover and told me to apply it all over my body. They told me to let it stand for a while, and then to go and take a shower. As I rinsed off at the end of the shower, I realized all my body hair went too. Only my genital hair remained.

But not for long. The girls went to work on that with scissors first, then with a razor and shaving cream. They also shaved me in a few places in the back that I had missed.

"Oh he's so nice and smooth," said Sharon as she and Debbie ran their hands all over my hairless body. This started to excite me, which the girls noticed. Sharon playfully slapped my ass. "Not yet, Sweetie. You've got some chores first."

Sharon powdered me all over with a fragrant after-bath powder. Then Debbie produced a white object that I had never seen up close - a corset. It went from just below my nipples, past my stomach, down to my waist. It had laces in the back, and the girls tightly laced me into it. It took off a few inches in the waist, and created a cleavage effect on top. It was very snug around my waist and chest, but it felt strangely erotic too. The girls were very pleased. We then went to the living room.

"Ken, now you have a much more feminine figure!," Debbie exclaimed. A matching white bra, garter belt, and panties came next, followed by stockings and high heels. The panties and the stockings felt so delicious against my hairless body. The heels put pressure on my calves muscles, a little uncomfortable, but not too bad. Sharon and Debbie squealed with delight at my appearance. Sharon took something and made a clicking noise.

"Let's see if you remember how to walk like a girl," Sharon commanded, as she and Debbie sat down on the couch to watch me. The combination of the corset with the high heels felt very strange, but I walked a very feminine walk for the girls. "Very good, Ken," reported Sharon. "I don't think we need to spank you tonight to get you to swing your hips in a feminine way."

"Take down your panties and play with your cock for us," Debbie commanded. I started stroking my penis. "How does it feel jerking off dressed in such pretty underwear?" I didn't answer, but concentrated on the task at hand.

"I'm ready for some action, how about you Deb?," asked Sharon. The girls told me to stop and lay down on the floor, face up. Each girl took a stocking and tied my wrists to the living room furniture. They did the same to my ankles. I was stretched out, completely helpless, my erect penis waving in the air.

The girls teasingly stripped down to bras and panties. Sharon in her red, kneeled on my left and Debbie in pink, on my right. Sharon said, "I'll flip you for who gets him first." And she gave my penis a snap with her thumb. That hurt! My penis bounced around from side to side and settled on my left. "I'm first," said Sharon.

Sharon sat down on my chest, then transferred her weight to her knees so as not to hurt me. She leaned forward and gave me a long, wet kiss. Our tongues twirled for a long time until we both needed a breath. Then she slid closer to my face until her panties were covering my mouth. "Eat my pussy, slave," she commanded.

I started sucking her right through her panties. I didn't think this would work, but I was wrong. Her panties were thin, and my tongue pushed those panties right into her hole. Before long I had her moaning pretty good.

"Wait a minute, Ken," Sharon said. She shifted her weight and slipped off her sopping wet panties. Then she tossed them, right on my erect penis.

Debbie was watching me suck off Sharon, and slipped her own panties off. "Hey, I want to play ring toss too." She tossed her panties around y cock too. Then she started fingering herself while she watched Sharon and me.

Sharon climbed back on over my face. I resumed licking and sucking until she was satisfied. She got off to give Debbie a turn. Now Sharon was looking through some drawers for something. Debbie pushed her middle finger into my mouth for me to lick clean; the unmistakable taste of pussy. Then she climbed aboard for me to lick her off. Meanwhile Sharon returned and removed the two pairs of panties from my penis. Then she started examining my penis, but with Debbie on my face I couldn't see what was going on.

"Deb, turn around and sit on him facing me," Sharon said. While Deb got up for a minute, I saw what Sharon was up to. Sharon had a thick rubber band and she wrapped it tight just under the head of my penis. Then she expertly unwrapped a condom and rolled it over my penis. She admired her handiwork as both Debbie and I looked on.

"This will keep him hard for as long as we want, without letting him come," Sharon explained to Debbie. Debbie sat back down on my face, with her back to my face, and I started licking her cunt again. Then Sharon lowered her cunt on my penis. Since she was still quite wet from before, my penis slipped in easily. Now Sharon started pumping away.

I tried to meet her thrusts, but I had forgotten I was tied hand and foot. I strained at my bonds, but with no luck. Besides, the rubber band on my penis had cut off the flow of blood; despite Sharon's friction, I could get no relief. The girls removed each other's bras and joined tongues for a deep kiss. They were fondling each other's breasts. They were getting more and more aroused from every direction. All I could do was keep licking away at Debbie's sopping wet cunt.

Sharon's moaning got louder and louder, and finally she was done. She slipped right off my cock, quite satisfied with herself, and waited for me to finish off Debbie. When Debbie was done with me licking her, she moved down and climbed aboard my penis for a ride. Sharon was once again rummaging through a drawer for something. Debbie came for her second time of the evening. I was out of breath. The girls had plenty of sex.

"What about me?," I asked, as Debbie removed herself from me. Both girls looked surprised that I expected a little pleasure for myself.

"I don't know. It's still pretty early. I don't think so," said Sharon. As always, the girls were in control.

My cock felt like it was about to burst after being ridden by both girls, but the rubber band was tight and prevented any relief. The girls were standing over me, totally naked. They were so sexy! I was so starved for some relief that at that moment if I could have raped one of them, I would have. Of course, among other things I was still tied up. Before I knew what I was saying, the words slipped out. "Please, please," I whined. "I'll do anything."

They had me and they knew it. Debbie kneeled down to my face and tauntingly rubbed her breast past my cheek. Sharon had a more practical plan.

"Anything, Ken?, she asked me. "Would you suck a dildo?" And with that she produced one!

It was flesh-colored, long, and very realistic looking. It came with a set of balls, and some sort of belt. I was a little disgusted with the thought of sucking it, but hey, how bad could it be. Especially if the girls would let me shoot my load.

"O.K., I'll suck a dildo," I heard myself say. With that humiliation said, Sharon belted the dildo around her hips. It protruded from her genital area just like a real penis. Of course, there was no mistaking Sharon's femininity - that cute face, those breasts, and of course the smell of her pussy.

Meanwhile Debbie, also naked, laid down beside me for a view of my face. She had something in her hand, but I couldn't see what. She removed the condom from my penis, and then she removed the rubber band. Free at last from that awful rubber band.

"I think I'll let him get flat first, and then jerk him off," Debbie decided. "Otherwise I think he'll come too soon."

"Good idea,"agreed Sharon. Sharon sat down on my chest, facing me, waving her dildo in my face. She adjusted her weight on her knees. "One dildo, coming up Sweetie," she announced to me. And with that she spread my lips with her fingers and inserted the tip of the dildo in my mouth. At the same time Debbie, who was eagerly watching my ordeal, gently caressed my now flat penis.

"Lick it, Ken. Lick it all over real good," Sharon ordered me. So I did. It was rubber, I guess, and it did not taste unpleasant at all. I licked it, but not with great enthusiasm.

"Ken, you said you'd do anything for some sex, but you're not licking this dildo like you mean it," Sharon said to me with an angry tone. "Maybe you really don't want to come." Debbie increased her pressure and quickened her stroke on my penis, and I was reminded how horny I was.

I started licking the dildo faster. This pleased Sharon, and she started inserting it a little deeper in my mouth, and then withdrawing it. She continued this. She was going to simulate fucking me in the mouth.

"That's better, but now I want you to suck instead of lick," she commanded me. And I did, moving my head, the only part of me that wasn't tied down, to meet her thrusts. I thought we were working together pretty well, but it wasn't good enough for Sharon.

"Something's not right," she decided, and she removed the penis, now covered with my saliva, from my mouth. She thought about it for a moment, and that announced, "I've got it." I didn't know what she was talking about, but obviously she had some plan to further humiliate me, if that was possible.

"Debbie, do you have a lipstick?," Sharon asked. And sure enough Debbie had one in her other hand. They had planned this scene out in advance. Sharon took it, unscrewed it, and applied it to her lips. It was a very colorful red, with a beautiful shine. Sharon's mouth never looked more sexy.

"What do you think of this lipstick, Ken? Isn't this the creamiest, shiniest red lipstick you've ever seen?" And Sharon gave a little wink to Debbie, who started pumping her hand up and down the whole length of my penis.

I said nothing. Sharon showed me the lipstick, put it under my nose to smell it, and put it ever so close to my lips without touching them. She turned it over so we could read the color. "'Super lustrous in wild berries'," she told me. Then in her commanding voice she said, "Beg me to put some on you."

I had been down this road before, and I thought I knew what they wanted to hear. "Please put lipstick on me, in 'Super lustrous wild berries', so I'll be pretty," I begged.

But this was not what they wanted to hear. "So you'll be pretty?," Sharon mimicked me. "No, not so you'll be pretty. Tell us you want it so you can suck this dildo and get your lipstick all over it, you slut!"

Debbie was working my penis over with her hand pretty good, and I wasn't far from coming. But I was sure she would just stop stroking me if I didn't say it. They had such complete control over me. I was tied up, dressed in women's underwear, in the company of two sexy, naked girls, but reduced to begging to be painted with lipstick that I could get on a dildo that I was going to suck. Could it get any more humiliating than this? I didn't think so, so I said it.

"Please, please put 'Super lustrous wild berries' lipstick on me so I can suck this dildo and get lipstick all over it."

"Why sure, Ken," Sharon said ever so sweetly. "Whatever makes you happy."

Sharon took one hand to steady my chin and then put the lipstick on me with her other hand. Very slowly and deliberately she painted my upper lip, then my lower, and then for good measure she repeated it with another coat. Debbie was watching and had to give me a report. "Ken, your lips look so delicious. You should see how creamy and shiny they are."

But I was not going to get a look right now. Sharon put the lipstick down and forced the dildo back between my lipsticked lips. She pumped in and out furiously. I sucked away like crazy, and I imagined that the dildo was growing bigger in my mouth. Debbie stroked me for all she was worth. My penis couldn't take any more, and I came. "Here he comes," Debbie announced.

Upon hearing this, Sharon squeezed the balls on the penis. To my surprise, a milky liquid erupted from the head of the dildo into my mouth. "Swallow, Sweetie," Sharon smiled at me with her brilliant lips. So I did.

Debbie released her hand from my penis, as my come trickled down onto my stomach. Sharon undid her dildo belt, but left the now beltless dildo in my mouth. Sharon got up and got -- oh no, her Polaroid camera.

"I think this is another moment we all want to remember," she said. And she took my picture. Of course, we had to wait until the picture developed. And there I was, tied up, in women's underwear, my penis dripping with come, a very red shining mouth with some sort of liquid dripping out, sucking a dildo all smeared with lipstick. My lipstick!

Chapter Three: I Meet Some Friends at the Mall


I was breathless from my episode with the dildo. Sharon and Debbie untied me and told me to wash the smeared lipstick off my face and also to wash my penis. I did, and I returned to the living room, still wearing a bra, corset, garter belt, panties, stockings, and high heels, thinking we were done for the night.

Sharon had a bright idea. "Let's all go over to the shopping mall." I didn't like the sound of this.

"O.K., but can I have my clothes back now, please?," I asked.

"No Ken, you don't get it. The three of us girls are going to the mall," explained Sharon. Sharon and Debbie giggled hysterically at the prospect of me going out in public dressed as a girl.

I began to panic. "I can't go outside dressed in underwear. I'll get arrested." They wouldn't make me do that, would they?

"No, silly. We have some clothes for you." Sharon went into another room. She came back with a white half slip and a red mini-dress. Before I could protest, the two of them had me step into the slip. Then they quickly put the dress over my head. The dress ended a few inches above my knees. I kept trying to pull the hemline down to my knees, but it wouldn't go.

The girls laughed uncontrollably at me in my new outfit. I was so embarrassed about the prospect at going out in public in a dress. The girls sensed this and taunted me some more.

"Oh Ken, you look so cute in that dress," Debbie complemented me sarcastically. "Red is such a good color on you. And you're lucky you have nice shapely legs that you can get away with a dress so short."

Sharon added, "You really do look like a sexy young girl. If you're wondering why the dress fits so well, it's because we took all those measurements of you the first night you were here. We went out today at lunch to buy it for you. You'll have to pay us back of course."

Sharon looked me over. "We need to do something about your hair. It's too short to work with." She went into another room, and came out with a wig. It was dark brown with tight curls. She put it on me, and then made a few adjustments with her comb. "There, that makes a big difference. What about make-up, Deb? Shall we make him up real pretty?"

"I've got a better idea," replied Debbie. "Let's make him buy his own make-up. I'm tired of him always borrowing our lipstick." They thought 'borrowing' was very funny.

With this settled, the three of us left Sharon's apartment and got into her car. The whole scene felt outrageous. The wig was shoulder length, much longer than my own hair, and I was constantly aware of it on my shoulders each time I moved my head. While walking to the car I realized the bra they had dressed me in was padded with a small weight in each bra cup; this had a tingling effect on my nipples, alternating left and right with each step. The mini-dress forced me to take small steps. Also I felt the cool air on my thighs and between my legs, something I would never feel in my own clothes. Finally the stockings and the high heels put pressure on my calves and toes in ways I was unused to. So many sensations, but all of them somewhat erotic.

We arrived at the mall and went in. I was waiting for someone to look at me and say, "Look, it's a man dressed up as a girl," but as dozens of people passed, that never happened. On the other hand, a number of teenage boys looked me up and down with obvious approval. I had forgotten that the mall was a teenage singles hangout, and the teenage girls al dressed up in their sexiest clothes to attract boys. I knew I didn't look like a teenager, but I was surprised to discover that teenage boys were finding me worth looking at.

Debbie noticed and made believe she was insulted. "The boys here seem to think you're the prettiest of the three of us, Ken. But then again, maybe you are. Just remember not to lead them on."

Sharon said, "O.K., Ken, here's what you have to do. We're at one end of the mall. Deb and I are going to do some shopping here. You walk down to the other end to the big department store. Remember to swing your hips and walk femininely; you don't want to get discovered. Here is some money. Actually it's your money that I took out of your pants pocket. I want you to go over to one of the make-up counters and buy yourself a lipstick. You can pick the color, but make it something sexy. Then put some on. We'll meet you back here in an hour. And you'd better be wearing your lipstick." With that they were gone.

Well, this was a surprising development! It had never occurred to me that they'd leave me all alone. Could I escape? No, where would I go; they had my clothes back in Sharon's apartment, and besides I'm sure there would be a fate worse than ever for running off. I might just as well do as they told me.

So I walked the long walk to the department store. It takes a lot longer in a dress and high heels than in men's clothes. I was careful to wiggle my hips the way I was taught. Getting caught would be awful. A couple of boys whistled at me and made crude remarks, but I just looked ahead and kept walking. Finally I made it to the department store.

There were a number of different make-up counters. I didn't care which one I went to, so I picked one. I went to the area where the lipsticks were, and I started examining them. There were dozens of different shades. How was I going to choose one quickly?

The salesgirl saw me in need of help and came over. She was about eighteen, very pretty, kind of elaborately made-up, but made-up rather nicely. "Can I help you miss?"

In a high-pitched voice I answered, "I'm looking for a lipstick. Something sexy." Really what I wanted to do is to get this over with as fast as possible.

There were two girls in sunglasses nearby at the other end of the counter. I hadn't paid any attention to them, until one of them decided she would help too. "I couldn't help but overhearing, but if you're looking for a sexy shade of lipstick I can suggest ... " Then she looked at me closely. "Ken, is that you?"

Fear shot through my body. Who was this? Was this another of Sharon and Debbie's well thought out plans?

The girls removed their sunglasses. It was Jill and Tina, two accounting assistants from another department at work. They were both in their early twenties. Jill had short black hair, perfect creamy skin, and big beautiful lips. Tina, who was married, was your typical nice girl. Pretty without being flashy. She wore hardly any make-up.

There was no point in denying it. She had recognized me. "Uh, yes Tina, it's me. Hi Jill."

"You look very pretty, Ken," Tina complemented me as she looked me up and down. The funny thing is that when Tina says it, she's being sincere.

"Yeah, you look simply gorgeous, Ken", said Jill. She was enjoying my plight and was not being sincere. "Why are you dressed like a girl? Who is making you do this?," Jill had to know.

I tried to think of a good lie quickly, but there wasn't any. I could probably trust Tina. Jill I wasn't so sure. I decided to tell as little as I could get away with. "Well, I'm doing this as a favor for Sharon and Debbie."

"Jill, why don't we help him?," volunteered Tina. "In fact rather than just help him pick a lipstick, why don't we help him pick a full set of make-up?"

"No thanks, girls," I stammered. "Besides, they're waiting for me at the other end of the mall, and they told me to hurry back."

Jill started to get interested in this. "Ken, we insist." Jill pushed me down into a chair. "This shouldn't take too long, an it will be fun. Besides, you can test all the cosmetics you want here for free." Jill lifted my chin up as she carefully examined my face. "His natural skin tone is so dark. He needs a good foundation to smooth out his complexion and cover up his slight traces of beard." Then to the salesgirl, who was in shock over this turn of events, Jill said, "Show us some dark shades of foundation in beige."

The salesgirl produced a few different bottles. Jill picked one she liked and began smoothing a liquid makeup all over my face and neck until she rubbed it in to her satisfaction. "That's much better. Now what about your eyes? Your eyebrows are way too thick, but we can't tweeze them here. I think a little understated brown color would be good for you." She took a tiny brush and stroked some brown eyeshadow on my eyelids. Then, warning me to be very still, she carefully applied a coat of brown mascara to my eyelashes. She took a brown pencil and drew a line under each eye, then smudged it with her fingertip. She stood back and surveyed her work, and she was clearly pleased with the results. Then she invited Tina to finish the job.

Tina was delighted to help. She looked over the collection of powder blushers and chose one in a rose color. She took a big brush and dusted the color on my cheeks. Then she looked over the vast array of lipsticks. "How about this one called 'Baby Pink'?," asking the approval of Jill and the salesgirl. Everyone agreed, so Tina went to work on my lips. She slowly outlined my lips first with a brush, filling the brush with color from the lipstick tube. Then she filled in the rest of my lips straight from the lipstick tube.

After all this so-called help, Tina and Jill were finished. They both thought I was simply beautiful and had to let me see the results in a mirror. I looked in the mirror, and I was astounded. The face was of a pretty girl, but the face was mine. The lips were particularly

fascinating. They were a light, bright pink, with a shimmer depending on how he light hit them.

"Tina, do you see a bulge in the front of his dress?," Jill asked. It was impossible to hide. This whole experience really turned me on. How humiliating! To be dressed as a girl in public, to be recognized by two people at work, to be fully made-up, and then to have an erection that even the salesgirl could see.

"I'll take the lipstick," I stammered to the salesgirl, anxious to get out of the store. I paid for it and got up to leave. "Uh, thanks girls for all your help."

"Not so fast, Ken," Jill stopped me. "Debbie and Sharon are here at the mall? Take us to them. We have a few questions for them about how they got you into this."

There didn't seem much point in arguing, so I agreed. I led Jill and Tina back through the mall to where I was supposed to meet Sharon and Debbie. There were more whistles and comments from the teenaged boys at me, which made me blush profusely. Finally we got to the other end of the mall and found Sharon and Debbie.

"Well, Ken you did buy and are wearing a lipstick, so you did what we told you to do," said Debbie. She looked closely at my lips. "A frosted shade. Nice choice." Then looking at the rest of my made-up face, she said, "Now I see what took you so long. I didn't realize you'd want an entire make-up job. Very nice. You look terrific." Then looking at Jill and Tina, she said, "You must be wondering what all this is about."

"Not only that, but I'm wondering if I can get my boyfriend into dresses and make-up," replied Jill.

"Well, let's all have a soda and we'll talk about it," said Sharon. The five of us went for a soda. Sharon and Debbie told Jill and Tina the whole story, everything they did to me and everything I did to them. It was particularly embarrassing to have to relive it all again.

Tina was incredulous. "I can see what Ken looks like, but I really don't believe he's your sex slave."

Jill had a different angle. "Let's say we do believe everything you've told us. How about letting us in on it?"

Sharon did not like this idea. "He's our sex slave. Why should we share him with you? What's in it for us?"

Jill did not have an answer for this. She thought this over for a long time. Then she excused herself and walked a few feet away to whisper something to Tina. The two whispered back and forth for a while, and then they came back all smiles.

"O.K., how about this?," Jill bargained. "What if I donate my boyfriend and Tina donates her husband. You help us get them into dresses. Then we can all swap feminized sex slaves."

Well, now I was really in trouble. It was bad enough that Debbie and Sharon, whom I worked with, had turned me into their feminized sex slave. I would dress up when they ordered me to, get an erection as they put make-up on me, and service them sexually. Debbie and Sharon would humiliate me, but at least it had just been the two of them.

But they made me go to the mall in a sexy girl's outfit, and I ran into two more girls from work, Tina and Jill. Tina and Jill were fascinated by my predicament, and they convinced Debbie and Sharon to let them in on how they did it. So here we were, four sexy girls and me, dressed as another sexy girl, in Debbie's house.

"Let's all sit down and get comfortable," suggested Debbie. "Uh, not so fast Ken." Debbie sat me down in a straight backed wooden chair. "Jill, why don't you help me tie Ken's hands behind him to the chair. We don't want him to get so hot that he starts playing with himself." Debbie got out some rope, and she and Jill tied me to the chair.

Debbie spoke to Jill and Tina. "You want to see how we got Ken to be our slave? Sharon and I will show you. But. You have to promise to let us help train your men, and you have to promise to share them with us. Promise?"

Tina and Jill nodded in agreement. Then they and I opened our mouths in amazement as Debbie opened up the VCR and popped on a tape. I couldn't believe it; Debbie and Sharon had videotaped my sessions with them! Everything, from the first night up to that evening when they dressed me to go to the mall. Not only did I have to watch it all over again, but I had to watch it in front of Jill and Tina.

There were several tapes. All five of us were getting hot watching them. The girls were all fingering themselves between their legs. I would have liked to do the same, but my hands were bound behind me. There was a noticeable bulge in the front of my miniskirt, and Tina jeered at me.

"Wow, look how turned on Ken is. You really dig being humiliated by girls, don't you? Don't you?"

She said it with authority, and she expected an answer. Sweet little Tina was no longer so sweet; she was digging this domination trip. This was a side of her I had never seen. Maybe she had never seen it either.

"Yes," I replied meekly.

"How about a little action right now?," ordered Tina. And she climbed onto my chair, thrusting her groin into my face.

"No, not tonight," said Sharon. "Ken's had enough for one night. Besides, I think the four of us have some plans to make." Looking at Debbie, Sharon said, "Let's untie him and let him leave for the night." Sharon untied me and said, "Take these clothes off and put yours back on."

I started to retreat to the bedroom where my clothes were, when Jill spoke up. "Can't we at least watch him strip?"

That seemed reasonable to Sharon, so she commanded me to strip in the living room in front of everybody. I took off the high heels, the blouse and miniskirt, the slip, the bra and panties, the garter belt, and the pantyhose. The four girls were cheering me on like I was a burlesque stripper. Then I was completely naked for them. Tina and Jill inspected my penis by hand to see how long and thick it was. Finally Debbie to some pity on me.

"He's had a long night. Let's let him go." Then to me, "Ken, you can go into the bedroom and put your own clothes back on. And don't forget to wash your make-up off."

Another reason I had been humiliated. If it hadn't been for Debbie and Sharon forcing me to go to the mall to buy make-up, I wouldn't have run into my two new tormentors.

As I retreated to the bedroom to change back into my own clothes, the four girls started jabbering in very loud and excited voices. They were discussing Tina's husband Bob. Evidently he would be their next target. I couldn't make out the details, but it sounded like the four of them were working out the plot of a play. I got dressed and washed up and went back in the living room. All of a sudden the room got quiet, and all eyes were on me. Tina spoke up.

"Maybe we can get Ken to help us," she asked Sharon and Debbie.

"Count on it," replied Sharon. And then to me, "Ken, dear. Don't forget to take your lipstick home." She threw me the paper bag. "See you at work!"

The next few days at work were awkward, as I now had four girls that I tried to avoid. When I did run into Jill or Tina, they would grin knowingly or apply their make-up within my eyesight, but otherwise they did not embarrass me verbally. Debbie and Sharon had obviously gotten them to promise not to embarrass me verbally in front of anyone else.

Wednesday night came, and I was ordered to Debbie's house with the usual "Shave nice and close." I rang the bell, and this time Debbie and Tina answered. They were rather simply dressed, in sweaters and tight jeans, with no make-up. I had been through this scene before, so I thought I knew what to expect. But I was wrong.

Tina was all excited and kissed me long and deep. "Strip," she commanded, before Debbie had a chance to say anything.

I looked over at Debbie, unsure of what to do. Debbie understood my confusion. She smiled at me and said, "It's OK Ken. You do whatever either of us tells you to tonight.

I stripped, and the girls began to work on me. They shaved my legs, thighs and chest, and trimmed my pubic hair. They tweezed my eyebrows; this hurt, but more importantly this seemed like a permanent thing that wouldn't just wash off later tonight. I could imagine how I would explain tweezed eyebrows tomorrow at work.

There was no time to worry about that, as Debbie produced some sort of a corset. She and Tina quickly laced me into it. At once it cut off my ability to take a deep breath, it narrowed my waist, and it squeezed my chest, creating the illusion of cleavage. Next came foam rubber false breasts, complete with a nipple, which they attached to me with some sort of adhesive. A lacy bra and a garter belt followed, and then they each rolled a nylon stocking up my legs. They put a pair of very high heels on me, and then they marched me over to a coffee table full of make-up.

They had worked quickly and almost silently. I stood before them in high heels and some very sexy lingerie, trying to comprehend the various sensations. The corset was tight and confining. The falsies jiggled and felt delicious against my own nipples. The stockings felt cool and smooth against my legs. The heels were uncomfortable, stretching my leg muscles.

Debbie broke the silence. "Tina, this is your party. I'll do Ken's nails. You make him up the way you think Bob will like him."

This was the first mention of Bob this evening. I got very nervous. "Wait a minute. What's going on? I thought this was just going to be between us. I don't want a guy to see me dressed like this."

Tina slapped me hard across the ass. I had forgotten, or maybe they had forgotten; they hadn't dressed me in panties. Tina scowled at me.

"You'll do what we tell you, when we tell you, or there'll be hell to pay." She meant it. I bet she had a lot of ideas, too. I decided not to complain.

The girls sat me down. Debbie started gluing fake nails over mine. Then she applied nail polish over both my real nails and the fake nails in a deep pink. This was my first experience with nail polish, and it smelled awful. But the girls were certainly going all out with my appearance tonight.

Tina put my chin in her hand and examined my face critically. Then she reached for a bottle of liquid make-up and she smoothed it over my face slowly until my face had the color and texture she wanted. I must say it s very sexy to have a pretty girl slowly running her hand over your face. I started getting the usual stirring in my penis. Tina was busy with my face, but Debbie, who was waiting for my nail polish to dry, saw the rise in my penis.

"Tina, do you realize he's starting to get hot? Wearing make-up does that to him, you know. Do you want him this hot when Bob arrives?"

Tina replied, "No, that will spoil the effect. After I finish his face, I have an interesting idea to take care of his hard-on."

I couldn't imagine what she had in mind, although I was sure it wouldn't be good.

Tina took a brown pencil and filled in some of my eyebrow hair that had been tweezed away a few minutes before. Then she examined her various eyeshadow colors and chose one in a light brown. She gently stroked the color on my eyelids with a small brush. Mascara was next. She took a black mascara with some sort of adjustable dial, turned the dial up as high as it would go, and gently brushed the liquid onto my eyelashes. "I'm giving you extra thick lashes," she explained. "In fact, after this first coat dries, I'm going to give you a second coat of mascara. This ought to make you look especially flirty." A soft black pencil was next, and Tina carefully drew a line at the edge of both my upper and lower eyelids, and then smudged the lines with her fingertips. By now the first coat of mascara had dried, and she applied a second coat.

Debbie wanted to see the eye make-up job. She lifted up my chin and looked at me critically. "Very pretty job, Tina. Very understated eye shadow and eye liner, but then those long dark lashes look so sexy." I cringed hearing this description of me.

Meanwhile Tina was going through her blusher collection. She chose a shade she called Soft Pink, and she stroked it on my cheeks in wide circular strokes with a big brush. "Ken, this is such a pretty color for you."

Tina's gentle touch as she made me up, her and Debbie's comments on how

sexy I looked, and the whole scene of them ordering me around dressed the way I was had really turned me on. But of course, they had saved the best for last.

Tina made a big production hunting through her lipsticks. She and Debbie knew what effect lipstick had on me. Finally Tina chose the one she wanted. But she looked down at my throbbing penis. "Ken, before I apply your lipstick, I think you had better control yourself. Take your thumb and your forefinger and squeeze your penis hard, right under the head, so you won't come." I did as she instructed. The girls looked on approvingly.

Tina took the lipstick, unscrewed it, and whipped it under my nose for me to smell it as she had seen Debbie and Sharon do in the video. They knew what they were doing; I love that smell. Then Tina turned it over and made me read the color out load. Plum Velvet. "Plum?" I asked. "Purple? That's an ugly color for lipstick. Why are you doing this to me?"

"No, you're wrong Ken," Tina answered. She took the lipstick and brushed a little amount on a fine brush. She slowly painted the outline of my lips with it. Then she took the lipstick tube and applied it directly to my lips. She went back and forth over them several times. I kept squeezing my cock harder and harder. Finally she was done with the lipstick.

Debbie and Tina looked at me for a long time, then they looked at each other, and they smiled. Debbie said, "Ken, Tina was right. It's not really a purple lip color. When you see it, you'll simply adore it."

Tina and Debbie were not yet done. They picked out some clip-on earrings and put them on me. A hoop dangling on the end of a chain. The hoop brushed against my face every time I turned my head slightly. Next, Tina brought over a long brown wig and put it on me. Long, perfectly straight medium color brown, hanging way down my back. And finally she sprayed me with some delicately scented perfume. The girls squealed with delight when they saw the finished product.

"Ken, you're simply gorgeous!, exclaimed Tina. "You must take a look. Go over there by the mirror and study yourself."

There was a full-length mirror on a closet door, so I went over for a look. I was fascinated! There I was. Long, flowing brown hair. Very thin tweezed eyebrows, with a little brow color pencilled back in. Soft looking eyes, except for my eyelashes: they were black and curled and they were enormous. A very smooth looking complexion, with some light pink color highlighting my cheekbones. And those lips. Sensuous lips, perfectly shaped, in a color much darker than a pink but not as dark as a red. They were moist and shiny. I continued examining the image in the mirror, which bore some resemblance to me, but not much. Full breasts in a lacy bra, a corset which narrowed my waist to feminine proportions, a sexy garter belt, stockings and high heels. I was hypnotized at the erotic sight. And an exposed penis, that had lost its erection from my squeezing it so hard at Tina's command.

"She's beautiful, isn't she Ken?" Tina asked me. "She's sexy and desirable, and you want to make love to her, don't you?" I was breathing heavily and I couldn't speak up to answer. The perfume Tina had sprayed on me was starting to work, and it was intoxicating. I was almost dizzy.

Somehow Tina understood precisely the effect my image was having on me. She and Debbie had planned this, and they knew how to get the most out of it.

"Look at those lips, Ken. Aren't they the sexiest, most feminine lips you've ever seen? Wouldn't you like to kiss them? Go ahead, kiss them."

And like many other things I've done at Debbie and Sharon's command for reasons I can't explain, I did this thing that Tina ordered me to do. I kissed my image in the mirror. First a light kiss. Then a little harder. Then I was really mashing my lips against the image of the lips in the mirror, smearing lipstick all over the mirror, but I didn't care. The girls thought this was hysterical, but I kept kissing the image, licking its tongue with mine, and getting incredibly worked up.

Although the girls had been watching and laughing from the sofa, Tina quietly came up behind me and put one of my hands on my penis. She moved my hand up and down the length one time. Then she whispered ever so quietly in my ear, "Go ahead, Ken. Fuck her."

This made just as much sense at the time as everything else that was going on, so I started pumping way, jerking myself off, pretending I was inserting my penis in the vagina of the girl in the mirror. Meanwhile I was kissing her hard, licking her tongue, pressing my breasts to hers. I came. Boy did I come! I squirted all over the mirror. Tina and Debbie were literally rolling on the floor in laughter, they thought the sight was so funny. I calmed down, and they also calmed down.

They told me to clean up the mirror of lipstick and come, and to clean up myself. Then they took my now flat penis, and pulled it between my legs. Next they undid my stocking garters, slipped a special pair of panties on me that really held my penis snugly, and refastened the garters. Then came a pink polka dot mini-dress that ended well above my knees. Tina looked at me and said, "Ken, you look dynamite, except for one thing. I think I'd better freshen up your lipstick." And she did. My penis stirred, but the panties were controlling it, and they were not going to let me have a full erection.

Tina and Debbie circled around me, slowly looking me over from head to toe. They smiled and nodded. Tina said to me, "Ken, you need a new name. Until we tell you otherwise, you are now Karen." I could feel my cheeks redden as they named me with a girl's name.

But, as humiliating as all this was, Tina had one more embarrassment for me. She asked Debbie, "What do you think Deb? I think Karen's ready to meet Bob."

Chapter Four


Tina and Debbie wanted to enslave Tina's husband Bob. I was supposed to be the bait. I was supposed to entice Bob into making a pass at me, and then the girls would walk in and catch him in the act. Then the girls, especially Tina, would have the ammunition they needed to start Bob down the road to femininity.

"And youd better be convincing," commanded Tina. "If Bob figures out that you're not really Karen, we'll let him decide what to do to a pretty boy in a miniskirt and make-up. Maybe we'll make you bend over at the waist, tie your wrists to your ankles, slip off your dainty panties, and see what Bob can think of to do to you. Get the picture?" I gulped. I certainly got the message.

The girls left me alone in the house and waited outside by a side window where the could observe without being noticed. I thought about what I could possibly do to entice Bob. I decided some liquor would help, so I found Debbie's liquor cabinet and took out a bottle of scotch and two glasses. I decided I could use a drink myself before Bob showed up, so I had one.

I was on my second glass, or maybe my third, when the doorbell rang. I opened the door to see a pleasant looking man of average build who introduced himself as Bob. I introduced myself as Karen, remembering to speak in a feminine voice. I invited him in, telling him Tina and Debbie had to go out and probably wouldn't be back for an hour. I pretended not to notice as Bob looked me up and down lecherously.

"Bob, why don't you sit down with me on the sofa so we can get to know each other a little while the girls are out," I heard myself say. "Would you like a drink while we wait?" Bob agreed, and I realized this was not going to be as difficult as I had thought.

We made some small talk. Bob started off as being shy, but the scotch started relaxing him. I moved a little closer and let my hand brush his knee as I made a point. I heard him sniff and I knew my perfume was having an effect on him. I smiled at him suggestively, as I moved slightly closer. The sexual tension was there, and I could see that he was trying to decide whether to act on it. I had been the male in this situation dozens of times before, waiting if the girl would give me a clear signal to proceed. I decided I had better give him that signal before I made some mistake that might give me away.

"Bob, I'm wearing a new shade of lipstick. Do you think it looks good on me?", I asked coquettishly. Bob seemed entranced with my lipstick, as I was, and nodded sheepishly. I moved even closer, put my face very close to his, and waited for his reaction. What else could he do? He kissed me. Slowly and tentatively at first. Then stronger and with more feeling. I reached my hand between his legs, and I could tell he was getting aroused.

Well, I thought I had done my job, but where were the girls? Surely they had been watching all this. They were supposed to come barging in and catch him in the act, right? But I had forgotten how cunning they are. They were going to see how far Bob and I would go. How far? Wait a minute. What I am doing here? This was starting to get out of hand.

Bob kept me clenched for a deep kiss, while smoothly unbuckling his belt and dropping his pants. Then suddenly his shorts were down near his ankles, and there was his penis, standing there waiting for relief. I was getting more and more frightened at my predicament, and I was thinking like crazy if there was some way to get out of it, when he broke the kiss and looked me in the eye.

"Well, Karen, you seem to be as hot for me as I am for you. So which will it be, straight sex or a blow job?"

By now I was in a panic. Straight sex? If Bob found out I was a guy, I was liable to be anally raped - hadn't the girls threatened me with that. But a blow job? Well, it did seem to be the lesser of two evils. And I did have some practice on a dildo.

Reluctantly I knelt down before him as my answer. I touched his erect penis. Hard, but smooth at the same time. Did I want to go through with this? No. But the alternative seemed much worse.

I opened my mouth. I gently licked his penis head. Hmm, that wasn't so bad. I took a little into my mouth. Thank goodness Bob was letting me set the pace. I licked up and down a little of his penis and then withdrew it. There was my lipstick print! I have to admit I was a little turned o by seeing it. I put his penis back in my mouth and licked a little further down. We started getting into a rhythm. Bob was moaning. His penis was growing bigger and bigger. Could I take it all? I sensed he was close to cumming. And then ...

The front door opened and there were Tina and Debbie!

Bob and I both stopped what we were doing. Bob was in shock for being caught with another woman by his wife. I was also in shock --I had forgotten all about them, and I had been totally absorbed in what I had been doing.

Tina was screaming at Bob and started slapping his face. Debbie was yelling at me for doing such a thing to her good friend Tina, so she started slapping me for good measure too. Bob and I looked at each other in shame.

"I ought to beat the shit out of you and then divorce you," Tina screamed at her husband in between slaps of his face. Bob grabbed her hands to stop the slaps. "Yes. No. Wait a minute. Karen doesn't mean anything to me. This was a mistake. Don't divorce me, please. I'll do anything."

Bob had said the magic words. Tina, Debbie, and even I knew right away: The girls had him exactly where they wanted him. Bob had no idea what he just promised. I decided to say nothing. I knew they were not done with me either.

Tina and Debbie went to the side to chat. Bob and I could not make out what they were saying, but the girls spoke animatedly and their eyes gleamed.

Then Tina spoke to Bob. "You cheated on me and you need to be punished. I also want to make sure you never do such a thing again. I think I know just the punishment. Will you do exactly what Debbie and I say, without questioning it?" Of course, Bob agreed.

Tina and Debbie quickly went to work on Bob. First they clicked on the video camera. They stripped him of his remaining clothes, tied his hands behind his back, and stuffed a dildo in his mouth that they tied to his head. Then they started dressing him in a sexy black corset and garter belt. I was told to make myself useful by polishing his toenails in bright red nail polish. I had to kneel down to do this, and there was Bob's now limp penis, right in my face.

As Tina and Debbie taunted Bob with how silly he looked, they also noticed Bob's hardening penis next to my face. This gave Debbie an idea.

"Your lipstick is a mess, Dear," she said to me, as she freshened it for me in that sexy plum shade. "You really want to suck his cock, don't you?," she asked me. I shook my head No, but she slapped me. "Don't you?," she repeated with a menacing look this time. I knew what was expected of me, and I shook Yes.

Debbie turned to Tina. "You want Bob to enjoy being made up, don't you? Why not have Karen suck him off while you make him up!"

Bob was groaning through the dildo in his mouth. I could tell that he both liked the idea and didn't like it at the same time. Tina got her makeup bag and started working on Bob's face. She left the dildo in his mouth as she worked, telling him to keep on sucking. Bob was blushing profusely without any makeup at this humiliation. I was told to suck his cock slowly and not to let him cum until I was told.

Tina worked on his eyes, making his eyelids a vivid blue with eyeshadow, darkening and thickening his lashes with mascara, and drawing a thick line on his lids in a liquid eye liner. Karen kept an eye on all three of us, jeering Bob, shouting instructions to me, and making makeup suggestions to Tina.

I could tell Bob was close to cumming, as Tina applied a bright pink blush to his already embarrassed cheeks. I released his penis from my mouth to tell the women that. Tina surveyed her makeup job on Bob. She held his chin up, looked him in the eye and said, "Are you enjoying this Bob? Would you like Karen to finish sucking you? Is she a good cocksucker?" Bob nodded and tried to speak through the dildo in his mouth.

Tina continued, "But you may not cum until you are wearing lipstick." Would you like me to put lipstick on you?" Bob nodded and groaned. Tina unstrapped the dildo from his mouth. Debbie suggested to Tina, "Make him beg."

Bob begged for Tina to put lipstick on him. Tina acted like she wasn't sure if she wanted to. Bob begged her and begged her. The women smiled at each other, and nodded to me to return to sucking him off. Tina took out a lipstick and made Bob read the name of the shade: Wild Berry. She held his chin in one hand and slowly painted his lips with the other. She applied two coats of lipstick to his lips, and when she was done she showed him his reflection in her compact mirror. Bob was amazed at the sexy woman he saw in the mirror, and upon seeing it, he came in my mouth.

"Swallow it all, Karen," Debbie commanded to me, and she stroked my throat to help it along.

Tina and Debbie laughed at Bob, told him how ridiculous he looked all dressed and made up, and how much he obviously enjoyed it. "Can you think of anything more humiliating?," Tina asked him. Bob was too embarrassed to reply, and shook his head No.

"Well, I think we can find one more way to embarrass Bob," Debbie said. "Did you enjoy being sucked off, Bob? Is Karen really a good cocksucker?" Bob said I was.

Debbie turned to me. "Are you horny after all that? Do you need a little relief yourself?" I said that I did. Debbie said to me, "Then lift up your skirt, pull down your panties, and play with yourself until you cum, in front of all of us."

And so I did.