Stories by Miss Vicky

Miss Vicky's First Time

(A recounting of my introduction to panties and submission--part fantasy, part true)


This story reflects my fantasies about serving a Mistress.  This woman truly loves putting her man in his panties. As you will see, she is also willing to share her panty pet


A man's girlfriend finds  a pair of black lace panties in his dresser. When she asks who they belong to he lies,saying they're his  rather than admit that he'd had an affair. She takes control and soon has him helpless and begging for more

The Candidate Part One
Written from the Dommes point of view, read along as a predatory woman searches for and finds her next victim. Soon She has him pantied, bound and loving it!

The Candidate (Part Two)
Read the second installment of how an unsuspecting man is trained by a dominant woman to enjoy his submission in satin and lace

The Candidate (Part Three)

It's time for our sissy to learn who is really behind his feminization and sissy training.  Lucky sissy, two women now control, tease and use his helpless body for their pleasure.

The Candidate (Part Four)

Our sissy is branded in a uniquely sissy way...and begins getting ready to be the maid servant for a party the ladies are holding for their to guess who will be the featured attraction?

 From Cyber to Real Time Sissy

 (Part one)
This is the first installment of a story about a man that enjoys surfing the net, particularly those devoted to men in panties.  His wife discovers his hidden files and decides she wants to make his fantasy world come true.

Part Two

This is the second installment of a story about a man that enjoys surfing the net, particularly those devoted to men in panties.  His wife discovers his hidden files and decides she wants to make his fantasy world come true . Read along as he's forced into panties and bondage, then used as a sex toy for her amusement.

Part Three

Our sissy continues his training at the hands of his Mistress/Wife

Part Four

Tonight is the Night his Mistress/Wife will give him a true feminine experience........his first time being penetrated by her strapon. Read along as she uses a variety of toys and incentives to get him ready for his big night

 Part Five

Now living the life of his dreams, read what happens when another woman threatens their lifestyle

Stories I Love to Read


1 The Halloween Costume

By Suzi Johnson

His wife petti-coats him for Halloween, but it doesn't stop there!!  Together, they discover how much they both enjoy the effects dressing him in frilly lingerie have on their love life.

2 A New Dawn Arises

By Dawn McMahon

A story of a crossdresser's journey deeper and deeper into submission to a variety of women

3. Pleased To Be A Maid

By Donna Keane

An out of work husband gets caught wearing his lacies by a neighbor lady...little does he know that his wife set her up to do it!!! Together, they turn him into the complete sissy!

4 Pam

By Pamela TV

A story of intense bondage and sissy training. A man is forced into tight corsets and other controlling garments and forced to serve along side a female slave. Two Mistresses direct the action, forcing these slaves into every humiliating predicament imaginable!! (very graphic and intense)

5. Auntie's Panties

By Rebecca Goldstein

A young man is caught with his Aunt's panties...She takes control of his fetish for lingerie and weaves a web of satin and lace he'll never escape!!

6 R & R

By Miss Karen Anne Brown

I'll bet you think it means rest and relaxation don't you? WRONG !! Cyber-breath. In this story it means Role Reversal. Getting into her panties takes on a whole new meaning in this tale of forced feminization.

7 The Gown

By Candy (Cissy) Michaels

A crossdresser in New York on business is sissified and forced to serve two beautiful Mistresses. very intense and lots of forced servitude.

8 How I became a Girl

By Stephanie

A young man is taken under the wing of the prettiest girl in school and transformed into her personal sissy.

9. Doctor Welles

By Suzi Thomas

A man's therapist conspires with his wife to turn him into a wanton sissy slave.

10 The Painter's Daughters

By Mule & Farnorth

One of the best!!! A man is forced to wear panties and serve two beautiful women....THIS IS A MUST READ!!
11 Cyber-Slave

By Mistress Akasha

A short story by the Mistress of sensual fiction, Akasha....a man is caught writing naughty E-mail and forced to wear panties under his suits....well worth the time to read.

12 MS. Silk's first experience with a Crossdresser

By Mrs Silk

Ms. Silks own account of how she came to be England's premier Mistress and trainer of Male Maids....a good read

13 Picked Up and Pantied

By Cindi

A man meets a woman with a strange demand, before she will make love to him, he has to wear frilly lingerie...short but good!

14 A Surprise for Jan(A)

By Candi Eton

A young man is caught wearing his Aunt's lingerie...She shows him the complete feminine experience...

15 Woman's Work

By Karen Elizabeth L

A man's wife teases him into being hypnotized at a night club. What happens after this? Nothing you'll see on the Disney Channel !!!

16 Ted Becomes Teddie

A deputy sheriff's wife discovers his secret stash of TV and infantilism magazines. Together with her neighbor lady, they turn him into a Sissy Baby Slave.

17 TV Weekend

A phone call from his Mistress starts a man's weekend in satin, lace and inescapable bondage...See if you wouldn't love being in his panties while his Mistress torments and humiliates him!

18 Penance

By Tristmegistis

This tale tells the story of a man is forced into panties and lace first his bitchy boss, then his wife is invited to enjoy his sissy favors...a very well written story!!

19 The Panty Thief

By Mrs Silk

A man is caught stealing panties from his apartment building laundry room....what his captor does to him you'll have to read to Mrs. Silk, the premier trainer of sissies in England

20 Maid's Week

A college man is sold at a charity auction to the women of a Sorority House.....Poor boy, they decide to put him in frilly lingerie and make him serve and service them as a sissy slave.

21. Weekend Sex Slave "Girl"

By Michelle Johnson
A wife insists her husband wear panties and lingerie while at home...the next thing he knows, she has him yearning for the feeling of satin and lace....very well written.

22. Secretary's Revenge

By Cindy V
A man tries to skimp on giving his secretary a bonus...her response is to put him in bondage and panties while she exacts her revenge.

23. The Panty Thief part 2

By Mrs Silk
The second installment of the Panty Thief by Mrs. Silk. He's forced to serve his captor in satin and lace, this time She asks a friend over to help in his humiliation


By Sissy
A man answers an ad for a domestic position and gets more than he bargained for!!...contributed by Cindi

25.Sweet Caresses of Caroline
A woman is first forced to serve her Mistress's friend, then the two of them turn the tables on their unwilling guest. contributed by Cindi

26 His Cousin Made Him a Girl

By Donna Keane
A young boy is turned into a sissy slave by his naughty cousin and her mother. Even the sexy Spanish Maid gets into his Panties!!...Very well written

27. On Becoming Gretchen

By Amelia Allyte
A man accepts a ride from a beautiful stranger. The road she drives him down is one he never thought he'd see!! He's given a choice of living the rest of his life as a sissy slave or not having any life left!

28.Sexual HERassment

By Suze Johnson
A man pesters a co-worker until she agrees to a date. This story proves the old adage, "watch out what you ask for, you may get it!"

29 TV John
Slowly but surely a man convinces his wife to dominate him in panties.  When She's finished with him, he is Her willing sissy slave.

30. Maid Machiavelli
By Bea
A young male is drawn ever deeper into a trap of satin and lace by his stepmothers three maids.  When they're finished, he's just one of the girls

31 Caught and Taught
A man is caught with a hypno-therapist's teenage daughter and is turned into a sissy toy to be used by young girls...including his own daughter... warning, strong incest theme

32 Kept Man
By Bea
A teaching assistant is invited to lunch by three beautiful students.  Little does he know that they are planning to get their revenge for his behavior in the classroom.  The next thing you know, he's in panties and loving it!

33 Aniv-Her-Sary Present

By Suze Johnson
A loving wife leads her man into a world of satin and lace...eventually she uses her strap-on to give him the ultimate feminine experience....very well written

34 Stranger on The Bus
A man can't keep his eyes off a beautiful stranger.  She asks for a ride home and traps him in panties and bondage.

35 Another Convert

By Coral Marsh
When her car unexpectedly dies, a man gives a ride to a beautiful stranded stranger.  She repays his kindness by showing him the joys to be found in satin and lace.

36 Lipstick Slave

By Cindi V
Two Women from the office teach him  to love his new panties and lipstick....Involves "forced" crossdressing and a trip to the mall for new a twist at the end.

37 The Dolls

By Vickie Tern
The latest story by Vickie Tern, The tale of a woman taking control of all the men in her life and the consequences they pay for the privilege of serving her....intense feminization and forced male sex

38 Leggy Neighbor
His next door neighbor tease him into playing some lingerie games and before he knows it, his wife is brought into the game

39 Petticoat Store

By Betsy Pettibone
A Crossdresser goes to a western store to buy a new petticoat. The clerk shows him the some very personal service!

40 Doug and Cindy

By Karen Shane
A husband is awakened from a dream about being dressed in satin and lace by his wife. She asks him about his dream and then sets about making it come true!

41 Lucky Laundry

By Dafydd Cyhoeddwr
A college man is asked to do the laundry by six coeds in his dorm.  The fun really begins when he is caught "borrowing" their panties and lingerie!

42. April

By Margaret Jeanette

A wife finds an incriminating picture of her husband playing dress-up with another woman.  She takes her revenge by taking him further and further into lingerie discipline

43. Fantasy in Satin
By Bea
A man's wife and maid conspire to turn him into the perfect maid's assistant

44 The Discovery of Jean
To give him a reminder of her, a man's wife leaves one of her nightgowns for him to sleep with while she is out of town.  Upon her return, they discover that when he wears lingerie, their sex life is incredible. Before long, he's in satin and lace on a full time basis and loving every minute of it!

45The Crossdresser's Club

By Tammy Richards
A man's wife discovers his lingerie and being an understanding and loving woman, encourages him to live his fantasy, even to the point of arranging for him to join a local crossdresser's club. (Wouldn't we all love to be in his panties!)

46 After a Fashion

By Anyport
Our hero is quickly turned into a heroine by his employer, a beautiful CEO of a fashion company

47 Aunt Margo Knows Best
by Priscilla Gay Bouffant
Too late a man discovers the penalty for not getting his finance home on time.  He is pantied, paddled and taught all the finer points of being a good little house hubby.

48 Betty's Bed and Breakfast
by Priscilla Gay Bouffant
His wife inherits a bed and breakfast inn from her Aunt.  She sends her out of work husband there to run it for her.  Imagine his surprise when he discovers the true purpose of the turn wayward husbands into simpering panty slaves!

49 Classy Lassies
by Priscilla Gay Bouffant
His wife's old college roommate moves in and shows him just how she thinks men should be treated.........Before you know it, he's wearing panties and loves being the woman of the house.

50 Girl Friends
by Priscilla Gay Bouffant
A reluctant male hair dresser helps a sissy friend and the favor is returned

51 Just So Perfect!
by Priscilla Gay Bouffant
A wealthy woman wants an heiress to her fortune.  She decides to transform her wayward nephew to fulfill the role.

52 Mincing Maid
by Priscilla Gay Bouffant
He is her mincing maid and the two of them couldn't be happier.  Imagine spending your days pantied and plugged, at the beck and call of your Wife/Mistress and any of her friends you may be required to serve.

53 Touch of Spice
by Priscilla Gay Bouffant
A man's mother in law shows him the joys of feminization, turning him into the daughter she never had.  He soon is serving both her and his wife while wearing petticoats.

54 The Saucy Sissy
by Priscilla Gay Bouffant
Put on your prettiest panties and enjoy this story as a sissy helps his Mistress train and tease a novice sissy

55 Home Maid Cookies
by Priscilla Gay Bouffant
What happens when a Woman is elected Governor of a state?  Read this story to find a completely new definition of "politically correct"

56 Milked Maids
By Bea
Lost while out for a drive in the English countryside, a man's wife persuades him to stop at a lavish estate to ask directions.
 The directions he's given are NOT what he expected. He soon finds himself in satin and lace and at the mercy of his wife and the Lady of the manor.

57. Hen Coop
By Bea
At home with only the saucy maid for company, a man is seduced into petticoats and satin.  Thinking it just an idle diversion in his day, too late he discovers that the maid is following the directions given her by his wife.

58 The Antique Store
By Samantha Michelle
On a stormy day, Sam's offer of help in keeping an antique shop from being flooded results in a new perspective on antique "wears"
This is not a story of "forced" feminization, rather an interesting tale of how a man is to enjoy his feminine side

59. A New Ski Bunny
By Nikki H.
A chance meeting on a ski slope leads a man into a world of satin and lace.  His new friend is rich, beautiful and really enjoys an man in satin and lace

60 Chicago
By Suzi (Johnson) Thomas
On a business trip with a beautiful co-worker, a man discovers she has two secrets, one she's a virgin, two she will only give her virginity to a man in satin and lace!

61 Cowboy
By Bea
A married man picks up a hitchhiker and before he knows it, she has him in satin and lace!  Read along and discover what happens when his wife is introduced to her husband in panties!
62 Shown Off
By Rosie
Together with her female boss, a wife leads her husband into the joys of submission in satin and lace.  Written by a new author, I hope this is not the last of her efforts!
63 Gotcha!
By Donna Stevens
A crossdressing husband is caught by his suspicious wife. What follows is a tale we'd all love to experience!
64 Kate's Christmas Surprise
By Kate Lingerie
A crossdresser gets a wonderful surprise from his understanding wife on Christmas
65 Delegation of Authority
By Bea
A man inherits his wife's company, only to find himself in panties makeup as his new secretary takes control!
66 Caught by a Shopgirl
By Satin Pantys
Caught wearing lacy lingerie by a lovely shopgirl, you can imagine how delighted our hero(ine) is when she invites him back to her home for some dressup fun with some of the other girls that work at the lingerie boutique
By Viexbleu
His wife catches him in her panties and masturbating.  She likes the idea of her man in panties and takes him into areas he never dreamed of.  Very well written!
68 The Birthday Present 1

By Donna Allure

When his wife asks what he wants for his birthday, he asks for a night of unforgettable sex.  This is the first part of his journey into feminization and panty training! Very well written!

69The Birthday Present 2

By Donna Allure

70 The Birthday Present 3

By Donna Allure

71 The Birthday Present 4

By Donna Allure

72 The Birthday Present 5

By Donna Allure

73 The Birthday Present 6

By Donna Allure

74. Why Didn't I tell her?

By Carrie McIvor

Follow along as a Crossdresser is found out by his girlfriend. She discovers all the joys to be had from having her man in panties!

75 Understanding Auntie

By Anonymous

Read this story of feminization and panty training by a young man's aunt. This is a story all panty boys will enjoy

76. A Week to Remember

By Carrie McIvor

A man's girlfriend gives him the ulimate sissy experience, to be married in a white satin gown

77 New Boss in the Office

By Suzi (Johnson) Thomas

Lots of changes take place when a strong willed woman in placed in charge of the office where this femme male works